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There is a vibrant, culturally-conscious Bengali population scattered across the globe who are intrinsically tied to their roots back home. They are the ones who herald the legacy of the language, the culture, the cuisine and the rich literature of Bengalis in their very own way in their homes abroad. Festivals,‘Bangla Gaan’, ‘Bangla Cinema’, ‘Bangla Sahityo’… all are touched upon by the diaspora at regular intervals to restore the “link” with its roots.

So, under the stewardship of some eminent Bengalis, we have a taken up this mission in hand: Create the ‘ONLINE FORUM’, essentially this portal, for the Bengali diaspora or more generally Bengali-speaking people across India and abroad.

When we say ‘Bengalis’, we certainly mean to include all Bengali-speaking people, be it West Bengal or  Bangladesh. Unfortunately, the spectre of Partition divided a population which have similar culture, cuisine and speak the same language. We have almost everything in common. So if Partition has divided us, let this FORUM be a humble initiate that unites us.

We will CONNECT all Bengalis…